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Business Spotlight - Harchak Chiropractic Clinic, LLC

Dr. Susan Harchak, D.C., is the owner of Harchak Chiropractic LLC. The Clinic was founded in 1988 and provides chiropractic health care to individuals with acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain, as well as those who utilize chiropractic as a part of their wellness care. The business is located at 1114 Walton Street, Philipsburg.

Services offered by the clinic include laser therapy, decompression, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release technique, rehabilitation, nutritional consultations, supplements, and x-ray’s. The clinic continues to serve the community to a high standard of care, help people stay pain-free, and maintain their conditions so they can do all the activities they want/need.

One-on-one personal treatment is the standard at Harchak Chiropractic, and the business receives many word of mouth references. The best part of being in Chester Hill is the friendly and safe community. Dr. Harchak lists employees as Dr. Mariah Kasun, D.C., Gail, Kim, Tammy, Jamie, Michelle, Brittani, Alyssa, and Parker.

Dr. Harchak explains, "We pride ourselves in taking great care of our patients and

helping them get their bodies in alignment to be able to do all the activities they need and want to do without pain." Chester Hill Borough is proud to have the Harchak Chiropractic Clinic, LLC as a borough business.

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